An object is dropped from the top of a tower with a height of 1130 feet. neglecting air​ resistance, the height of the object at time t seconds is given by the polynomial negative 16t squared plus 1130. find the height of the object at t equals 7 seconds

Accepted Solution

So you can solve this like this

So we are told that height = -16t^2+1130 right?
So to find the height at t seconds we use the formula.
Now we are told that t(time)=7 right?
So we substitute the t with 7 to get the height.
So we get h = -16(7)^2 +1130 right?
So 7 squared is 49 right?
Multiplieng by -16 gives us -784 right?
And adding 1130 gives us 340 right?
So the answer is 340
The only thing is this is physically impossible because gravity does not attract objects that fast.
So this probably is the answer since it is a maths question so laws of gravity does not matter