If the equation of the regression line for the data set (3,6), 6,8), (9,4) is y=-1/3x+8, what is the SSE for the data set? A. 4 B. 1 C. 8 D. 6

Accepted Solution

Answer:D. 6Step-by-step explanation:⇒The question is on Sum of Squared Errors(SSE)⇒A linear regression equation is one inform of Y= a +bx where Y is dependent variable and x is the independent variable where as b is the slope.⇒SSE for a set of data is the sum of squares of the calculated residuals where a residual/error is a deviation of a point from that in the line of best fit.⇒General expression; y₁-y₀ where y₁ is the point out of the line and y₀ is the point in the line of best fit.⇒ y₁-y₀ =ε₀................where  ε is epsilon⇒sum= (ε₀)² + (ε₁)² + (ε₂)²ε₀= a (3,6).......A (3,7)......(6-7)² = -1² = 1ε₁= b (6,8).......B (6,6).......(8-6)²= 2²= 4ε₂= c (9,4).......C (9,5).......(4-5)²= -1² = 1Sum of squares is = 1+4+1= 6See attached graph showing the points on the line and those out of the line.